About GroundPoint

Who are we? GroundPoint is a small mapping company. Most of our work is centered on deriving or extracting digital map products from high resolution airborne laser scanning data (LiDAR) and digital aerial photography. We come from a natural sciences background and are largely focused on local government applications of digital mapping technology.

What is the problem? There is LOTS of digital mapping data available now days. More than most people are prepared to deal with. With current trends in data acquisition providing more and more data, the problem is just going to get worse. And all that high resolution data is presenting new challenges to people who want to use it. Many times it’s simply a matter of sorting through the vast pile and distilling down those pieces that people can truly use. Even though we are often swimming in high resolution data, we’ve also discovered that there is very often a gap between what public agencies receive and the information they actually need to support their programs.

How can we address this? We focus on making mapping data useful. We are in the midst of an age where getting more data is not the problem. In fact there often is so much data that it’s difficult to sort through. And with ongoing advances in sensor and wireless technologies, the data just keeps coming. There is always a new “better” dataset right around the corner. However, good mapping to support key programs requires the strong integration of imagery, elevation, and vector data. Our job is to make that data useful, and sort through the issues of integrating data together so that our clients can focus on answering questions and solving problems.

For example, the latest LiDAR data might be really great, but it may not cover an entire area, so it needs to be integrated with some other data in order to have continuous coverage. The most recent streams and wetlands data, or planimetrics and impervious surface data may be out of synch with the latest high resolution topographic maps or aerial photography. And the Digital Elevation Models that came with the deliverable may not actually work for your project. We help our clients work through their data challenges, setting up their programs for success. In the process that saves them time and money, and improves the overall quality of their projects.

How can we help you? Because we are small, we are lean and agile. We bring innovation to otherwise standard data projects to help ensure you don’t get left short once an initial data acquisition project is over. We can help you develop a strategy for data migration and improvements that provides a roadmap for your geospatial data infrastructure.

We perform independent QA/QC, Accuracy Assessments and overall Project Management. And our small woman-owned business certification can help meet contracting requirements if necessary.

Feel free to download our Corporate Overview for your reference.