Coastal Management – Case Study

Project Name: Sea Level Impacts on Long Island, NY
Period of Performance: 2013-2014
Budget: ~$350K
Customer: New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA)

CS-Coastal1In partnership with Warren Pinnacle Consulting, Inc., GroundPoint Technologies recently performed enhanced terrain processing in support of a climate change modeling project surrounding New York City, Long Island and the Connecticut coastline. This project used several different recently acquired LiDAR elevation data sets and included advanced hydrologic enforcement to support high resolution sea level rise and wetlands migration predictions in low lying coastal areas. The additional post processing to address local scale modeling requirements provided significant value to the Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM). Key support activities include development of high resolution digital elevation models from LiDAR, local scale hydro-enforcement of culverts and drainage features in the DEM, and derivation of high resolution of impervious surfaces to support model boundary conditions.